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Make your City for NOVA!

Using a randomization system based on the bagua, create a immersive and interactive city for your Sparks to live, work, and play in when they are not risking their lives in The Dusk. A four-stage system, roll on tables to determine what is in and around The City and your Sparks' connections to them.

Heliopolis is designed to be used as part of your group's Session Zero, but it could also be used by a Game Master or group needing to create a new location for your characters to go on mission in!

Legal Material

Heliopolis was designed by Bryon Casebolt (@hessan_yongdi) of Hessan’s County in 2021 as an entry for the NOVA Jam organized by Spencer Campbell.

This work is based on NOVA RPG (found at gilarpgs.com), a product of Gila RPGs and authored by Spencer Campbell. Heliopolis is not endorsed by nor affiliated with Gila RPGs or Spencer Campbell.

Bryon Casebolt reserves the right to revoke permission to use or create derivative works to any individual, group, or organization who uses the materials found within for any reason found to be harmful to others or that promote hateful viewpoints including, but not limited to:
    •    racism, ethnocentrism, sexism, or other forms of discrimination against individuals or groups based on their mental & physical characteristics, sincere religious beliefs, economic status, professions, or ancestry

    •    Fascism, white supremacy, and other extremist political and economic viewpoints that promote exploitation or violence against individuals or groups


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