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Run Villein, Run! is first and foremost a story of resistance. It is a journey, a TTRPG, where you search for freedom enabled by the Caltrop Core system by TitanomancyRPG and the Carta SRD by Peach Garden Games for the Caltrop Core Jam.

Your characters are villeins, a type of bonded peasant or serf. The Free City of Avet is a safe place for you to escape your servitude. While being a poor peasant in the City holds it own risks, not even the sky is the limit to how high you or your children could rise if only you could get there!

Using the card-based Carta system to create The Road to Avet, your Villeins try their best to manage their health and supplies as each card provides a scenario or problem your characters need to overcome or an opportunity to flesh out your world. These are roleplayed using a simple d4 system based on the Caltrop Core.

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This game is set in Elius, a feudal society with hints of scifi or fantasy flavor.  The monopolization of land rights by a chosen few has resulted in a replication of the manorial economic system from Earth. Most are only able to survive as tenants to the Landlord aristocracy.

You are among them. You had a parcel of agricultural land in exchange for several days labor a week to your landlord. This could be farming, but also mining, quarrying, cutting wood, construction, or gathering resources from the many caves on your lord's land. If you want to learn more about villeins, you can read about it here!

The land can be enough to live on in good times, yes. Under a harsh lord though or in times of poor weather, the fees, taxes and required labor for your lord can be too much. Other villeins are not really suited for a rural life of hard work either because they have larger ambitions or they do not find themselves physically or mentally adapted to the tasks at hand. These folk dream of a way out.

Fortunately one exists. Nearby your lord's lands lies the Free City of Avet. Avet and critical other locations around the planet were made neutral ground outside of the influence of the nobles. If you could only get yourself to Avet and remain hidden there for a year, then you will be free of your previous servile life for good.


Run Villein, Run! uses mechanics derived from Caltrop Core created by Lex Kim Bobrow (aka @titanomancyRPG) and the Carta SRD created by Cat McDonald (aka @catlinggun) of Peach Garden Games.  However, Run Villein, Run! is not affiliated with or endorsed by Lex Kim Bobrow, Cat McDonald, or Peach Garden Games.

You, the user, are welcome to utilize the mechanics and concepts of this game as you see fit for either enjoyment or personal gain so long you to credit me and no verbatim copying of text if it for a commercial use. However, you can consider that permission revoked if you use this game to create anything utilizing or related to blockchain technologies such as NFTs or other such technologies found to be particularly harmful as defined by me, Bryon Casebolt (aka Hessan Yongdi).

Additionally, I reserve the right to revoke permission for use or  of this product to any individual, group, or organization who uses the materials found within for any reason found to be harmful to others or to promote hateful viewpoints including, but not limited to:
-   racism, ethnocentrism, sexism, or other forms of discrimination against individuals or groups based on their mental & physical characteristics, sincere religious beliefs, economic status, professions, or ancestry

-   Fascism, white supremacy, and other extremist political and economic viewpoints that promote exploitation or any form of violence against individuals or groups for any reason


Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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What a cool idea, and done as part of a 6-day game jam, no less!