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In many cultures around the world, tutelary deities exist. Guardians Spirits of the home, the village, and the field. Residents of the mountain, the forest, and sea. Protectors of the People from nature, outsiders, and other spirits. Just because the fields and forests have been covered by grand streets and busy markets does not mean the gods and goddesses went away...

Welcome to the City

Built around the Push SRD for optional GM-less rules-lite play and inspired by urbanization in the pre-modern history, The Tutelary Society tell the story of a City and the guardian Spirits that shaped its growth from scattered villages to a source of power and prosperity. The unique character creation process for our game has you build your Spirits and City together through the passage of time for an immersive building process that intimately links your Spirits to the reality the reside in.

Unfortunately, this concentration of people and power has also created created suffering, envy, and corruption. You and your companions, the Spirits of the The Tutelary Society, have seen the suffering among the People and you will not stand by any longer. You must try to keep your identity a secret, but you will walk among your People and march along side them in the long, hopeful journey toward Justice.

If you want to learn more about the game's inspirations, you can find out more about it here on this Hessan's County blog post!

Check out the Character and City Creation process here in this After-Action Report!



Buy Now$6.00 USD or more

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