Print-Friendly and The Future of Sageuk

Thank you for your continued support of Sageuk! Roleplay in Joseon! I noticed that we have run out of Community Copies, so I will top it off here shortly with a number more copies. Please remember that your purchases will also add community copies to the pot as well.

Print-Friendly & Simple Text Version Available

I just posted a .rtf format  Simple Text / Printer-Friendly version of the Sageuk manual for your home printing pleasure. This version of the text features a small list of grammar corrections and clarifications. There is nothing earth-shattering here, so I will be hold off on releasing a new version to the original manual until some time next week when I anticipate the next batch of art will be completed.

Going forward, updated versions of both versions of the manual will be release simultaneously if their are any changes to the text itself.  Once Version 0.2 is fully released, I am currently planning  one more additional beta version of the text to finish smoothing out layout and adding final art before I consider the main manual for the game Complete (TM).

The future of Sageuk! Roleplay in Joseon

Just to give everyone a heads up as to the future of Sageuk! I currently intend my next step to be work on a quick-start pack. This will include a set of premade characters, a safety check-in sheet, and a initial Story Arc built around the premade characters.


Sageuk Simple Text v0.2.rtf 165 kB
Sep 24, 2021

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